Ordinance 22-025 Donation to New Hope Band Booster Club

Ordinance 22-024 Donation to New Hope Volleyball Team

Ordinance 22-023 Y & S Paving

Ordinance 22-020 Row Disturbance

Ordinance 22-019 After Hour Sewer Calls

Ordinance 22-018 Abatement of Unsafe Buildings

Ordinance 22-017 Annexing Johnson Property at 891 Cave Spring Road

Ordinance 22-016 Adopting New Editions of International Building Codes

Ordinance 22-015 Replaces Ordinance 21-025 Sewer Violations

Ordinance 22-014 Annexation Brewer 1070 Cave Springs Road

Ordinance 22-013 Implements Fee for Municipal Assessment Requests

Ordinance 22-012 Amends Ordinance 20-013 Pretrial Diversion Program

Ordinance 22-011 Business License Fees for Rental Storage Units

Ordinance 22-010 Sewer Taps

Ordinance 22-009 De-Annexation of Harrelson Property 

Ordinance 22-008 De-Annexation of CRA Properties

Ordinance 22-007A Add Construction Industry Craft Training & Increase in Reinspection Fees to Commercial Building Permit Fees

Ordinance 22-007 Commercial Plan Review Fees

Ordinance 22-006A Increase Residential Reinspection Fees

Ordinance 22-006 Residential Permit Fees

Ordinance 22-005 Residential Sewer Rates

Ordinance 22-004 Change of Commercial Sewer Rates

Ordinance 22-003 Violations for Private Property Parking

Ordinance 22-002 Fines for Junk & Litter 

Ordinance 22-001 Severe Weather Tax Preparedness Holiday

Ordinance 21-031 Regulations of Building Permit Fee Refunds

Ordinance 21-030 Must Reside in City for Sewer Services

Ordinance 21-029 Annexation of 2386 Old Highway 431

Ordinance 21-027 Sewer Security Deposits

Ordinance 21-026 Sewer Rate Adjustments

Ordinance 21-025 Late Fees for Sewer Accountants

Ordinance 21-024 Shut off Sewer Services for Delinquent Account

Ordinance 21-023 Guidelines for Release in Lieu of Jail Time

Ordinance 21-021 Annexation of Property at 0 Piney Woods

Ordinance 21-020 Annexation of 595 Brockway Road

Ordinance 21-018 Annexation of 123 Strickland Avenue

Ordinance 21-017 Annexation of 631 Wilson Mann Road

Ordinance 21-016 Regulating Street Lighting in Subdivisions

Ordinance 21-015 Regulation of Animals

Ordinance 21-014 Regulation of Right of Way within City of Owens Cross Roads

Ordinance 21-013 Annexation of 9687 Highway 431 S

Ordinance 21-012 Annexation of 9623 Highway 431 S – Section 1

Ordinance 21-011 Annexation of 9623 Highway 432 S – Section 2

Ordinance 21-010 Annexation of ‘0’ Old Highway 431

Ordinance 21-008a Annexation of 9703 Highway 431 S- Section 1

Ordinance 21-008 Annexation of 9703 Highway 431 S- Section 2

Ordinance 21-007 Security Alarm Users & Businesses

Ordinance 21-006 Annexation of 9603 Highway 431 S

Ordinance 21-005 Business License Requirements for Short Term Lodging

Ordinance 21-004 Business License Requirements of Rental/Lease Properties

Ordinance 21-003 Construction Traffic Road Use & Repair: Subdivisions

Ordinance 21-002 Sewer Cut Off Valve Installation for New Builds

Ordinance 21-001 Customer Deposit Required for Sewer

Ordinance 20-014 Annexation of 298 Hamer Road

Ordinance 20-013 Pretrial Diversion Program

Ordinance 20-008 Regulate the Access of Garbage on Public or Private Properties

Ordinance 20-007 Updating Commercial Building Permit Fees

Ordinance 20-006 Regulations of Speed Limits within all Subdivisions

Ordinance 02-02-A Junk, Litter Inoperable Vehicle Ordinance

Ordinance 19-004 Amending Town Zoning Map

Ordinance 11-001 New Hope Telephone Cooperative Franchise Agreement

Ordinance 99-22 Flood Damage Prevention

Ordinance 76-7 Building Permit System of Southern Standard Building Code

Ordinance 67-01 First Meet of Owens Cross Roads Council


Resolution 22-021 Acceptance of Facilities Use Agreement with NHRC

Resolution 22-020 Correct Zoning for 438 Brockway Road to Estate Residential

Resolution 22-018 Hire Judge Polly Blalock as Employee

Resolution 22-017 Adoption of Division F Federal Mitigation

Resolution 22-016 Craft Craig Road Surveying

Resolution 22-015 To Install City Limit Signs

Resolution 22-014 ACT 2022-229 Retirees

Resolution 22-013 Municipal Court Record Destruction

Resolution 22-012 Municipal Water Pollution Prevention

Resolution 22-011 Renews Contract with Hope Davis Media

R esolution 22-010 Franchise Agreement with Comcast

Resolution 22-009 Notice of Public Hearing for the Adoption of International Building Codes

Resolution 22-008 Renews Contract with Lightwire Solutions

Resolution 22-007 Cost of Living Increase

Resolution 22-006

Resolution 22-005

Resolution 22-004

Resolution 21-15 Adoption of 2021-2022 Transportation Plan for the City of Owens Cross Roads

Resolution 21-04-27

Resolution 20-11-17B

Resolution 20-11-17A

Resolution 20-11-17